Laura Callaghan Art

Little curated selection of artworks for this season of giving

23 November 2023

Introducing a handpicked selection of small seascape artworks, perfect for this gifting season! 🎁🌊 These little pieces, carefully chosen from my collection, are both affordable and exceptional. Each painting is a testament to the beauty of the sea, captured in a compact and meaningful form.

In the spirit of the upcoming season of giving, I'm delighted to share this curated assortment of art that embodies tranquility and calm. These small yet powerful artworks are not only thoughtful gifts but also unique expressions of the serene allure of our seas.

Explore this limited selection and find the perfect art piece to gift to a loved one or to grace your own space with the essence of the sea. 🌟✨

You’ll also see that I am now offering a range of gift vouchers, to be used toward any painting or print. Selecting art for someone else can be a delightful yet challenging task. To make it easier and more personal for the recipient, I offer custom digital gift certificates, with options to buy a £25, £50 or £100 voucher.