Laura Callaghan Art

Empowering Tomorrow's Artists: Reflecting on a Day of Ocean-Inspired Creativity with BHASVIC Students

28 March 2024

We spent the day exploring the beach, sketching, photographing, and collecting materials, all in celebration of World Ocean Day. Guided by our shared passion for art and ocean conservation, we engaged in meaningful discussions about art activism and the importance of protecting our seas.

Together, we collaborated to create a stunning collection of mixed media artworks, aptly titled 'Washed Up.' Each piece is a powerful response to the workshop themes, reflecting the students' creativity and concern for our oceans. Their dedication and enthusiasm were truly inspiring, and I'm incredibly proud of what we accomplished together.

I can't wait to showcase these beautiful artworks as part of my upcoming exhibition, She & the Sea, in June (8th - 16th

June, The Crypt, Seaford, East Sussex). Stay tuned for more updates on this amazing journey and the incredible talent of these young artists from Brighton Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College! 🌊✨