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Capturing the Essence of the Sea: Nature-Inspired Artwork by Laura Callaghan

30 July 2023

I've always felt an indescribable connection to the ocean. It's not just a mere body of water; it's my workplace, my serene backdrop for strolls with my Welsh terrier Geoffrey and son Finn, my exercise arena, and my ultimate stress reliever. The beach offers a gateway to total relaxation, a profound connection with nature and the landscape, and a place where true freedom is experienced. My mission as an artist is to encapsulate this essence within my paintings.

Nature has an irresistible pull on my artistic senses, particularly the mesmerizing seas and coastlines that envelop me. While my artwork primarily consists of seascapes, I also depict marine life, sea birds, and butterflies. I'm drawn to capturing the inherent beauty of nature, all while remaining mindful of the potential threats it faces. Whenever I'm worried or stressed, the sea becomes my sanctuary. It simply makes me feel better - it's as simple as that. And that's precisely what I strive to deliver through my paintings: a sense of focus, a glimpse of the restorative power of the sea in the comfort of one's own home. It's a place to breathe, to find tranquility, and even to meditate. Many of my paintings are impressions of the stunning coastal vistas that grace East Sussex, forever changing and captivating.

Our oceans face significant challenges, and owing to the profound inspiration they provide me, it's my duty to support, protect, honour, and respect them in any way I can. As an artist, I have the unique opportunity to visually express these concerns and foster discussions around them through my artwork. The more I paint the sea, the more I comprehend the stakes and the urgency with which we should strive to preserve it. Currently, I'm exploring the use of substrates derived from beach litter, although I'm still in the initial experimental phase. I collect small to medium-sized plastic items washed ashore on local beaches, intending to repurpose them as substrates for creating smaller paintings. This effort not only aids in cleaning up litter but also serves as a creative exploration, and I'm eager to see where this path leads me.

A common observation from collectors of my paintings is how the artwork seems to transform throughout the day as the light falls upon it, just like the ever-changing sea and sky. This effect is precisely what I aim to capture, utilizing reflective and textural materials in my work. I incorporate gemstones and Swarovski crystals, leveraging their restorative and spiritual qualities, and adding a visually and texturally intriguing element to the layering process. The multi-faceted Swarovski crystals act as radiant prisms, subtly twinkling within the painting like exquisite beacons. I also love to utilize collage and layering techniques, incorporating found objects, ephemera, and beachcombed treasures such as shells. There's something captivating about the process of collage and the buildup of layers, akin to uncovering a fossil on the beach that tells a remarkable tale.

My artwork is available for sale online, through galleries, and in person. I strive to make my original artworks affordable, offering a range of different painting sizes to encourage collectors with any budget to own a piece of original art. I also wholeheartedly embrace commissions, relishing the opportunity to bring someone's vision to life.

You can find a selection of my work at The Open Studios on Brighton seafront, at Kings Arches near Shelter Hall, at Gallery 5 in Dartmouth & Salcombe in Devon, and Artologie in Cuckfied East Sussex in addition to other galleries and national exhibitions. In 2024, I'm excited to announce two solo exhibitions: one at The Grange in Rottingdean and another at The Crypt in Seaford, so keep an eye out for those.

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Laura Callaghan