Laura Callaghan Art

The Sea, All To Myself


This painting is a visual ode to the healing power of the ocean. Standing by the water's edge, you feel a deep sense of connection to the rhythms of life, as the ebb and flow of the tides mirror the natural cycles and balance of our existence. The sea's constant motion reminds us to breathe, to let go, and to find peace in the present moment. Spending time by the sea is an act of self-care, a way to recharge and find inner peace.

This painting also serves as a reminder of the importance of ocean protection. Just as the sea nurtures and heals us, we have a responsibility to care for it in return. By fostering a sense of stewardship and reverence for the ocean, we can ensure its beauty and vitality for future generations.

About The Sea, All To Myself

  • Seascapes

Sizing H   54cm W   80cm

  • Acrylic paint
  • Found materials
  • Mixed media
  • Canvas
  • Semi-precious clear crystal quartz

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