Laura Callaghan Art

She Is Evolving


Cliff erosion along the Sussex coast has accelerated dramatically in the last 200 years. While natural forces like erosion, rising sea levels, and weathering have always been at play, the process has intensified recently, likely due to climate change. Severe storms and rising sea levels have accelerated the erosion of the Beachy Head and Seaford Head shorelines. As the beaches diminish, the cliffs face direct exposure to powerful wave action, causing them to collapse into the sea. Once the cliffs erode, they are lost forever, with current rates of erosion estimated to be ten times faster than in the past few millennia.

"She Is Evolving" also represents the resilience and adaptability of nature and women. Just as women adapt to changing societal and environmental conditions, our coastal landscapes are constantly evolving in response to environmental pressures. This painting embodies the strength and transformation found in both the natural world and the feminine spirit. It serves as a reminder of the urgent need for environmental justice, advocating for the protection and reverence of nature’s and women’s nurturing roles.

About She Is Evolving

  • Seascapes

Sizing H   75cm W   100cm

  • Acrylic paint
  • Found materials
  • Mixed media
  • Canvas
  • Amethyst Gemstones

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