Laura Callaghan Art

Littoral Flow


The "Littoral" series invites you into an exploration of the sea's essence, blurring the boundaries between aerial views, ocean immersion, the shoreline, and the self.

The abstract composition plays with perspectives, challenging the viewer to discern whether they're gazing from above, within the depths, or along the sea's edge, or even from within ourselves: we are, after all, mainly made up of water.

The interplay of blues, greens, and textures captures the fluidity of the experience, allowing each observer to embark on their unique journey of interpretation and contemplation.

Available in the series:

Littoral Flow (TOP LEFT)

Littoral Balance (TOP RIGHT)

Littoral Currents (BOTTOM LEFT)

Littoral Drift (BOTTOM RIGHT)

About Littoral Flow

  • Seascapes

Sizing H   37cm W   37cm

  • Canvas
  • Framed
  • Found materials

Delivery and ordering

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