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Littoral Energy


"Littoral Energy" captures the raw, untamed force of the coastal waters. The painting, infused with hues of deep blue and vibrant green, reflects the ceaseless movement and vigour of the waves, embodying the indomitable spirit of Mother Ocean.

This work and many others in this exhibition, stands as both a tribute to and a protest against the ongoing ecological destruction of our oceans, emphasising the need to recognise and protect our life-sustaining waters. Created with passion and energy, this work incorporates crushed whelk shells collected from the beach near my family home, adding a deeply personal touch. The process of crushing the whelk shells was both freeing and invigorating, channeling the vibrant energy of the sea into the artwork.

Acrylic paint
Yellow Aventurine gemstones
Crushed whelk shells from my family home beach
Found materials
On canvas

About Littoral Energy

  • Seascapes

Sizing H   80cm W   80cm

  • Acrylic paint
  • Found materials
  • Mixed media
  • Canvas

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