Laura Callaghan Art

Abundant Rock Pools


This piece integrates the timeless beauty of the East Sussex coastline with the tactile allure of found sea debris and washed up sea plastics. This textured piece is a testament to the my commitment to environmental storytelling. Fishing nets, known as 'ghost gear,' are woven sensitively into the shoreline.

The seafoam green nets echo the hues of the ocean, creating an intricate dance between artistic expression and the raw, unfiltered essence of the coastal environment. The painting offers a glimpse into the abundance of our local beaches and the untold stories they cradle. It stands as a poetic reminder of nature's resilience amid the remnants of human impact, a visual journey of celebration, through the hidden treasures of the shoreline.

About Abundant Rock Pools

  • Seascapes

Sizing H   80cm W   120cm

  • Acrylic paint
  • Swarovksi Crystals
  • Mixed media
  • Canvas
  • Framed
  • Semi-precious clear crystal quartz

Delivery and ordering

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